Exchange meeting between Uetersen and Ke Kai Architectural Design Consultants (Shanghai) Co., LTD
2022-10-09       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  On September 23, 2022, Uetersen East China and Kokaistudios held a technical exchange meeting on thermal insulation products. Kokaistudios is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm founded in Venice in 2000 by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis.

  Headquartered in Shanghai in 2002, Kokaistudios has grown into a multi-cultural design firm with more than 60 outstanding designers and projects spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.


  In this technical exchange meeting, Yu Hongyou first introduced Uetersen Group and its three product structures: glass wool, rock wool, rubber and plastic. It also introduces Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool, glass fiber air duct, and smoke control and exhaust glass wool from the series of glass wool products in the three big plates. Subsequently, Zhang Jiangmin, the leader of the technology, answered the technical production and installation questions one by one.

  Taking glass wool products commonly used in steel structure as an example, Zhang Jiangmin introduced the application of the product in different steel structure styles and modeling, and emphatically answered the construction operation sharing of water vapor isolation in the installation and laying process of steel structure workshop. And the advantages of glass wool in steel structure factory building in detail to make the following introductions: first, the roof laying can achieve the effect of heat insulation, while reducing energy consumption, glass wool as a recyclable thermal insulation material, but also the urban building environmental protection and energy saving thermal insulation partner. Two, glass wool through the fiber pore, can improve the sound absorption of steel structure wall, sound insulation poor problems, effectively control noise, reduce urban noise pollution.


  Kekai Construction Company to participate in the exchange of personnel to architectural designers in the majority, after the introduction of rock wool plate, Kekai construction person in charge of the wall insulation products of the rock wool plate for in-depth consultation. Particular attention is paid to the use of rock wool decorative integrated board and curtain wall, and Uetersen products and Shanghai local laws and regulations are suitable for the use of restrictions.

  As for the local architecture company in Shanghai, the designers of Kokaistudios raised the specific use and restrictions of the rockwool integrated board market on the old building renovation, as well as the product specifications and production technology involved in the project. The technical director Zhang Jiangmin gave the following answers:

  "The thermal core layer of Uetersen integrated board is all rock wool. Among the performance comparison between various thermal insulation materials and rock wool products, rock wool is more suitable for building exterior wall -- novel exterior wall veneer, which can be customized and replaced according to the requirements of project design; Rock wool core material or A1 fireproof non-combustible material, while taking into account heat preservation, sound insulation. After integrated cutting and processing in the factory, it is transferred to the site for installation to reduce the difficulty of construction. From the point of view of design, it can better control the effect of building appearance design, and from the point of view of installation, the choice of thermal insulation decoration integrated board on the base surface is more diverse than the traditional thermal insulation material construction, old wall, plaster or red brick wall can be installed."


  Through this technical exchange meeting, the advantages of Uetersen's product structure and the concept of environmental protection and energy saving are demonstrated. Kekai Architecture highly praises Uetersen's combination of environmental protection concept and product design. Although Uetersen has been on the road of insulation materials for a long time, every affirmation in the industry is a driving force for innovation and a beacon to guide the way forward.