In the name of energy saving, Uetersen entered the DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft Pinghu project
2022-10-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Air conditioning is now a common household appliance. In the hot summer, air conditioning becomes a "life-saving" equipment, and in the winter, air conditioning equipment also brings warmth to the office, living and learning environment. In addition, it also maintains a constant temperature for the precision equipment, allowing the equipment to operate at the required temperature.

  The air conditioning system will reduce the indoor air in summer and increase the indoor air temperature in winter. This process is accompanied by the control of air humidity, cleanliness and wind speed regulation. Refrigeration technology is the basis of this process. One of the life-changing inventions is refrigeration, which uses energy to transfer heat from cold objects to hot ones. Usually, the cooling system in summer is called air conditioning; If the system can also provide heat in winter, it is called a heat pump.


  So how to achieve the coexistence of energy saving and heat preservation in the pipeline that transfers the heat energy of air conditioning?

  In the contemporary trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, the use of HVAC energy-saving insulation materials has been very common, in addition to our commonly used glass wool, there are rubber and plastic wrapping products.

  Hvac system is an indispensable equipment in the building at present, building air circulation, heating and cooling system transport and other aspects of the role, for people's life and work to bring a good comfort. Many projects in order to reduce the air duct in operation to achieve the effect of heat preservation and energy saving, will use thermal insulation materials for packaging, such as DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft Pinghu project, they choose Uetersen rubber insulation products, as air duct heat preservation and energy saving packaging. The raw materials of Uetersen Rubber are nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride. Different from traditional rubber, rubber is a synthetic material, which has obvious advantages: high degree of mechanical processing, light and easy transportation, excellent insulation effect.


  The traditional rubber and plastic materials have poor fire stability and water vapor resistance. In the process of development, Uetersen improved the material and fire resistance. Uetersen rubber plastic in the development of the material refractory treatment, in the case of high temperature or fire, can reduce smoke emission, not easy to burn. When the fire source is withdrawn, there is no open fire burning on the surface of rubber and plastic, and the smoke is dispersed quickly and less. Suzhou is located in the south of the Yangtze River, dense water network, moist air. Rubber and plastic materials can adapt to humid weather and effectively maintain air duct insulation and energy saving.

  How is the excellent insulation performance of Uetersen rubber and plastic formed?

  Mainly through the rubber and plastic micro-foaming process, the solid rubber and plastic raw materials will go through the foaming furnace, and the unified foaming will form a dense closed air chamber. To achieve a certain rate of bubble closure. The rubber and plastic air chamber is not connected to each other, which can prevent the air moisture from forming a cold bridge, and separate the heat energy or cold air mass in the air duct, which significantly improves the thermal insulation performance and the resistance to water vapor penetration.


  Uetersen Rubber and Plastic products are based on high standards to create high quality in the supply of the Pinghu project of DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft. Professional preparation process and environmental protection formula, without formaldehyde and other ozone-destroying working medium, rubber plastic thermal conductivity is lower, tear strength is better than ordinary rubber, rubber plastic performance, quality is more balanced and stable. The construction effect is beautiful and generous, and it has been highly praised by the project of DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft Pinghu.