Lehua Hengye Kitchen and Bathroom Project: "Prescription" for smoke prevention, exhaust and heat preservation according to local conditions
2022-10-28       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  "Ming history · Eunuch biography 2 · Liang Yong" : "Jiangxi mine supervisor Pan Xiangji floating Liang Jingdezhen civil revolution, burning plant." "His shop, in addition to the facade of copper and iron machine parts, there is also a workshop behind, with how many craftsmen, their own manufacture of various machines."

  This is an earlier introduction to the plant. Factory buildings are an important symbol of economic development in today's developed industrial manufacturing industry. How many types of industrial plants are there?


  Industrial buildings can be divided into single-storey industrial buildings and multi-storey industrial buildings according to the building form. Multi-storey industrial plants are mostly distributed in light industry, electronics, instrumentation, communications, medicine and other industries. The floor of this kind of factory is generally not very high, and its lighting design is similar to the common scientific research and experimental building. Fluorescent lamps are used for lighting. The program. Mechanical processing, metallurgy, textile and other industries of the production plant is generally a single-storey industrial plant, according to the production needs of multi-span single-storey industrial plant, that is, multi-span plant beside the parallel layout of the multi-span plant. The requirements can be the same or different.

  In this project, we will introduce the factory building project from Lehua Hengye Kitchen and Bathroom. Lehua Hengye Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in electromechanical equipment installation, engineering installation and other fields in Foshan. In this project, the plant is mainly used for the production of kitchen and bathroom products, and the requirements for fire fighting open fire are strict. The special glass wool for smoke control provided by Uetersen for the project belongs to A1 incombustible grade, and the raw materials are quartz sand and dolomite rich in silicon.


  Foshan Shunde, a subtropical monsoon humid climate, mild climate, abundant rainfall and spring all the year round. With an average annual temperature of 23.2°C, it has been a fertile land of fish and rice since ancient times. The climate is mild and changeable, the air humidity is not stable, wet and cold in winter, spring and summer plum rain. Uetersen's smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool with hydrophobic treatment, and in the installation design process, the product is sealed with special waterproof aluminum foil tape. It can bring good water vapor isolation effect to smoke control and exhaust air duct.

  The isolation of water vapor can also maintain the insulation effect of glass wool and reduce the cold bridge phenomenon due to water vapor penetration in the air duct. Reduce the maintenance and replacement of air ducts in the later period. It can bring perfect heat preservation and fire protection to the whole smoke control and exhaust system.


  Glass wool is light and easy to transport, easy to cut. In addition to the use of smoke control and exhaust direction in the kitchen and bathroom products factory project, glass wool is also commonly used in steel structure, roof insulation, wall sound absorption, HVAC insulation and so on. The thermal insulation products formed from natural raw materials through professional process processing have brought multi-direction multifunctional product effects such as thermal insulation, fire protection, sound absorption and sound insulation in many fields, which is the goal and research and development direction of Uetersen all the way forward.