Uetersen News: Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute of New Energy Technology Exchange Conference
2022-11-07       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  On October 28, 2022, I was invited by Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. to participate in the new energy technology exchange meeting of the company. Jin Xin, Zhang Jiangmin, Yu Hongyou, Yang Dong of Uetersen East China Company and the main leaders of the new energy department of the Electronic Research Institute participated in the meeting, including more than 10 people.

  At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Jiangmin, technical interpreter of Uetersen East China Company, introduced the product, production base and features of the three products. The use of formaldehyde-free glass wool, glass fiber air duct, smoke prevention and exhaust series products and rock wool products for external wall insulation are emphatically introduced.


  Mr. Zhang Jiangmin of Uetersen East China Company was the keynote speaker of this technical exchange conference, and introduced the production process and product advantages of formaldehyde-free glass wool from the three products of Uetersen: glass wool, rock wool and rubber and plastic. "Formaldehyde-free glass wool is made of quartz sand, dolomite two kinds of natural ores as raw materials, in the high temperature of 1360℃ after melting into the centrifuge, the formation of cotton felt. The product has a high hydrophobic rate and good resilience, easy to transport and cutting knives."

  Shanghai has strict requirements on the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection of building facades, which is a huge challenge for both the designer and the product side. The person in charge of the new energy department believes that in the aspect of external wall insulation products, it should take into account the thermal insulation decoration as one, and it needs to meet the current Shanghai new regulation standards.


  Uetersen rock wool is a kind of insulation material which can be used in many fields. For example, the composite rock wool core material thermal insulation decoration integrated board, taking into account the role of thermal insulation and decoration, its advantage is that it can adapt to a variety of basement of the external wall of the building, and the construction is relatively more convenient. Such as the cement wool surface, old wall transformation, red brick wall and other basement can be compatible construction, do not need special wool smoothing treatment, at the same time, rock wool installed insulation decoration integrated board also has the role of beautiful transformation of the building exterior wall. The finishing layer of the integrated board is easy to clean, and the decorative effect is no less than the marble panel and the diversified ceramic tile veneer on the market. From the point of view of environmental protection, the raw material of rockwool decorative integrated board is taken from natural ores, which can still be reused as recycled materials after waste.

  At the same time, rock wool core material in the use of the exterior wall is vividly reflected. Technical personnel from both sides had in-depth exchanges on the bulk density of exterior wall, curtain wall installation technology and rockwool sandwich board application technology related to rockwool. In addition to the introduction of rock wool products for exterior wall insulation, it also introduces the use effect and use feedback of several projects of Uetersen. Jin Xin and Yu Hongyou are responsible for the solution of the content and technology.


  Among them, about the difference and application of rock wool and glass wool proposed by the designer, Zhang Jiangmin gave a detailed answer and shared the case.

  "Rockwool and glass wool are both raw materials of natural ore. In the production process, the two materials look similar, but the raw material of rockwool is basalt, which produces much greater mechanical force than glass wool. At the same time, there is a clear difference in the direction of use.

  Both glass wool and rock wool can be used as fireproof wrap for fire exhaust pipes. Under the premise of meeting the fire resistance limit standard, glass wool can reach the fire resistance limit of 0.5-1 hours. And the rock wool can reach the 3-hour fire resistance limit, but also can meet the heat and high temperature pipeline application, among which the black rock wool can be used in the high temperature of 800℃. In different application fields, according to the direction of use and bulk density combined with the national requirements of the standard selection."


  In this technical exchange, both sides have fully understood, summarized and interacted with each other. The new energy business department has deeply understood the application and technical construction concept of thermal insulation materials, and also expressed a high degree of recognition for the application case of Uetersen project. The research and development of Uetersen products and the concept of environmental protection, in line with the current requirements of Shanghai environmental protection and energy saving, is a big step towards the direction of green energy-saving insulation materials.