Is the indoor open-mounted smoke exhaust pipe insulated with rock wool?
2022-11-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Do the smoke exhaust pipes in the open mounted area need to be insulated? According to the current code, there is no clear regulation on the heat insulation of lampblack exhaust duct, and the fire protection design code of high-rise buildings only requires the heat insulation measures to be taken for the smoke exhaust duct in the suspended ceiling. Therefore, indoor open-mounted smoke exhaust pipes need to be insulated and fireproof. So what kind of insulation should you use?


  Rock wool can be used to insulate smoke exhaust pipes. The pipes, tuyere and valves in smoke control and exhaust system are required to be made of non-combustible materials. The smoke exhaust pipe should be insulated and fireproof or keep no less than 150mm away from combustible materials. The thickness of the smoke exhaust pipe shall be implemented according to the relevant provisions of the current national standard GB 50243 "Code for Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality".

  In the construction code, the air duct above 80 degrees Celsius is required to take protective measures according to the design. The kitchen exhaust fume is high temperature gas, so it is necessary to do heat preservation, one is to avoid burns, the other is the transfer of heat load. Rock wool can be used as insulation material, with a thickness of about 40mm. Uetersen rock wool is a kind of new material specially used for pipe insulation, its main function is energy saving heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention. The specifications of rock wool can be customized. The thicker the thickness, the better the thermal insulation effect, the greater the density, the better the thermal insulation effect.

  In order to prevent the occurrence of frost in the exhaust pipe in winter, it is generally necessary to do insulation treatment. On the one hand, rock wool insulation material can keep heat and prevent heat dissipation, on the other hand, it can prevent condensation. Therefore, it is very necessary to use rock wool insulation for indoor open-mounted smoke exhaust pipes.