Uetersen Technology Exchange: Grasp the new trend of energy conservation and environmental protection
2022-11-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  On November 11, 2022, Uetersen Shanghai Company held a technology sharing and exchange meeting with the new energy Department of Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute. In this meeting, Zhang Jiangmin as the speaker, introduced the history of Uetersen brand, four products: glass wool, rock wool, rubber plastic, aerogel. At the same time, it also introduces the series of products of Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool, glass fiber air duct and smoke control core material, focuses on the characteristics of rubber and plastic, rubber and plastic application scenarios, engineering cases, and analyzes the application scenarios of the new material aerogel.


  In the technical exchange meeting, Zhang Jiangmin from the product Technology Department of Uetersen presided over the meeting, which mainly answered the questions on product technology, production and installation. In terms of the communication content, glass wool, as one of the four product structures of Uetersen, involves applications in many fields. Through the communication on the application and installation process of glass wool in steel structure plant, Share the technical experience of glass wool with the participants one by one.

  Such as glass wool is often concerned about the technical difficulties - isolation of water vapor. Uetersen glass wool to do three steps: first, glass wool product raw material selection is good, in the production process, glass wool to achieve high hydrophobic treatment, the material in thermal insulation at the same time, with good hydrophobicity. Second, the transportation process to reduce the material loss, the use of high-quality waterproof aluminum foil veneer, not only further isolation of water vapor, but also has a certain fire performance, the third, is a crucial link, that is, the installation and treatment link. In the perfect installation service system of Uetersen, in addition to conforming to the standard construction process, the aluminum foil sealing treatment after installation is also very important. The standard sealing installation can even reduce the later maintenance and replacement, and extend the service life of the equipment.


  In the glass wool plate, also mentioned the application and characteristics of sound insulation wool. In the field of acoustics, glass wool has always been an excellent sound insulation and sound-absorbing material. Usually used as sound insulation core material in the roof, wall, ceiling and other buildings multi-angle application.

  More and more cities are facing new standards for building renovation and green building design concepts. How to realize modern urban greening and urban energy saving in a simple way has become the difficulty of many urban planning and architectural design. As a first-tier city, Shanghai will also face the reform of urban energy conservation.


  In the insulation material plate shared by Uetersen, rockwool is a professional insulation material used for building facades. Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design Institute has certain bulk density requirements in the use of rockwool roofing and external wall insulation. Based on the solution of this point, the technical staff of Uetersen have given very professional advice and technical analysis. Among the solutions used in rockwool, the installation technology of rockwool thermal insulation decorative integrated board and curtain wall thermal insulation has been very mature. According to the feedback of the installation project case of Uetersen, rockwool products have brought excellent effects of thermal insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation for the building. While maintaining the construction standards and quality, the installation technology also simplifies the construction steps and reduces the difficulty of construction.


  What is technological innovation?

  The innovation that Uetersen embodies is the convenience of saving energy and reducing efficiency. Uetersen CLASS 0 rubber plastic, is a new product of technological innovation. Zhang Jiangmin introduced that Uetersen's grade 0 rubber and plastic insulation performance is better, but also can adapt to Shanghai's building HVAC insulation requirements, based on the original insulation effect and raw materials, but also reflects a more green side. Combined with the application scenes and project cases of Uetersen Rubber & Plastic, it was presented in front of the representatives of Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute, more to show the brand strength and technical ability of Uetersen.

  Similarly, in the development of the insulation industry, the constant pace is the trend of the development of enterprise brands. As a new material plate aerogel products, is also the highlight of this technical exchange. As a rookie of ultra-high temperature industrial thermal insulation products, aerogel has appeared in the eyes of the world for a long time, but its application has made a new breakthrough in recent years. Uetersen aerogel has entered the market of new material thermal insulation. The application of aerogel means the success of technical innovation strategy, and it is also the correct strategic direction of thermal insulation and energy conservation.


  Although the technology exchange session lasted only one and a half hours, it was hard to forget the sparks of enthusiasm generated by the collision of knowledge and technology. For the direction of material research and development of Uetersen, the representatives of the electronic Engineering Design Institute expressed high praise and recognition.

  The future of urban energy conservation is not only the present, but also the innovation and progress of thermal insulation development technology. Uetersen's research and development of thermal insulation materials hopes to promote the development of thermal insulation industry. No accumulation of steps,can't lead to thousand miles. No integration of streams,can't result in seas and oceans. Adhere to the enterprise innovation, technology flow to promote the development of the industry, is the tireless goal and direction of Uetersen.