Uetersen smoke control case: Qiaojian Building complex Old town renovation
2022-11-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  HI CITY is a boutique asset created by Qiaojian Group for its innovation in the southern Old town of Haizhu, Guangzhou, aiming to build a new generation of urban innovative commercial complex. The total construction area of the project is 67,000 square meters, including 53,000 square meters in the north and 14,000 square meters in the south. It integrates the pioneer fashion city Square, creative office community, light luxury elite apartment and MINI fashion art business. The project is located at the intersection of Nanzhou Road and Dongxiao South Road in Haizhu District, adjacent to Haizhu Passenger Station, with extensive road traffic.


  As a new generation of urban innovative commercial office complex, Qiaojian Building is obviously different from ordinary commercial apartments. The complex plans different styles and usage characteristics in different floors, thus laying the front tone of innovation. In the tone of the whole building, in addition to the careful planning of the decoration design, but also to the air conditioning and smoke control system design. Qiaojian Building is divided into north and south, the southern building is used as the office space of Qiaojian Group. As the focus of the innovation complex, the north block is responsible for fashionable food, duplex office space, as well as high-rise urban co-working community HI WORK and HI COFFEE, inspiration coffee, afternoon tea, wine and whisky expert business reception room, corporate private banquet living room, Tianji road show hall, intelligent conference room and other supporting facilities. At the same time, it also has the sky garden looking at the south bank of the Pearl River and the CBD of Guangzhou in the north.


  This complex commercial complex reflects the longitudinal design space utilization of contemporary architectural aesthetics in human body function and building supporting function. It also challenges the design and construction indicators of the building, and the embodiment of smoke control and exhaust engineering is the top priority. As a hidden life pipe in the building, it can discharge the smoke from the building outside in the accident fire, reduce the risk of suffocation poisoning, and also reduce the difficulty of fire rescue to some extent. It seems to be a very simple fire prevention structure of the air duct, but it has poured a lot of building insulation industry experience and technology.


  In Qiaojian Building, Uetersen special glass wool for smoke control and exhaust is adopted. Its raw materials are dolomite and quartz sand, and a series of processes such as centrifugal fiber forming technology are adopted to form special glass wool board for smoke control and exhaust after high temperature melting. In Guangzhou, apart from considering the use and function, architectural design also needs to consider the waterproof and moisture-proof function of the building. The unique Lingnan climate is characterized by high temperature and rainy weather, wet weather and common plum rain weather. Glass wool as a fire insulation material, fully in line with the national requirements of fire retardant duration, but also need to consider the response to wet weather.


  The thermal insulation performance of glass wool is mainly formed by the pores staggered by glass wool fibers. Once permeated by wet water vapor, it is easy to cause the thermal insulation performance to decline, thus affecting the service life of thermal insulation and fire protection performance. Therefore, Uetersen special smoke control glass wool to do hate water treatment, at the same time the use of fire insulation glass fiber aluminum foil veneer, can effectively block water vapor, avoid water vapor penetration. At the same time, special aluminum foil tape is used to seal the joint during installation to increase the service life. In wet weather, the moisture in the air will enter the glass wool and form condensation, which will affect the thermal insulation performance and increase the maintenance cost.

  Qiaojian Building is built overlooking the river, and three underground floors are also designed in the architectural design. The application of smoke control and exhaust duct also reflects its role from top to bottom. Fire prevention and heat preservation as one of the air duct layout, for the whole building fire system to bring a more perfect add color.


  Uetersen adhere to the research and development of new thermal insulation material technology and innovation, in the smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool production research and development technology, has been in the forefront of the industry. The production and research of smoke prevention and exhaust products are used in many domestic projects, practicing the innovative and pragmatic brand values, committed to the sustainable development of building energy conservation and insulation, adhere to the bottom line of smoke prevention and exhaust fire prevention standards, in line with the high requirements of fire resistance.