"Double carbon" background, rubber and plastic industry new opportunity
2022-12-01       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Rubber and plastic is the general name of the rubber and plastic industry. Rubber and plastic insulation material is a closed cell elastic material made of special foaming process, with low thermal conductivity, soft bending resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant and other excellent properties, widely used in the field of building energy conservation. Today's society advocates the use of green, low-carbon, healthy, strong performance, parts, good quality building materials products. Rubber and plastic insulation material is one of the key application products of building insulation material.


  The development history of rubber and plastic

  The development history of rubber adiabatic material is not long in our country. In the 1990s, foreign enterprises began to introduce the production technology of rubber and plastic adiabatic materials into China. Since 2000, the domestic rubber and plastic industry has been developing rapidly, the scale of enterprises is growing, and the technology is becoming mature. According to statistics, in 2021, the domestic production capacity of flexible foam rubber products is about 11 million cubic meters, with more than 230 production lines. In terms of layout, North China, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are three major industrial clusters, in which the capacity of Hebei Province accounts for 50% of the total, followed by Guangdong and Jiangsu, which account for 30% together.


  Domestic rubber and plastic enterprise layout

  The application of rubber and plastic in central air conditioning, split air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, pipeline facilities and other fields in buildings has occupied more than half of the thermal insulation market position, with unique advantages. Because rubber and plastic insulation material combines the advantages of rubber and plastic, the production and application of rubber and plastic can save the consumption of coal, is an excellent new green energy-saving and environmental protection insulation products.

  Rubber plastics in addition to the application in the field of construction, but also in the locomotive and ship, petrochemical, medicine, electrical equipment, fitness equipment, lifesaving equipment and other fields. Rubber and plastic enterprise Uetersen New Material Group is also doing strategic layout, a total of East China, Southwest, South China, Hebei, Guangdong, Sichuan six production bases, Foshan, Guangzhou two transit warehouses, completed the layout of East China, Southwest, South China, North China four regions, production base coverage, is committed to the enterprise's high-quality services and products to all provinces.


  A new opportunity for rubber and plastic industry

  Rubber and plastic as building insulation materials, the domestic real estate market downturn, the rubber and plastic industry has been affected, the epidemic has also caused a greater impact on production enterprises. However, with the continuous improvement of the national requirements for building energy saving and low carbon, thermal insulation materials will undertake more missions in the future, and rubber and plastic insulation materials still have a larger space for development.

  At present, the general energy saving requirements of Chinese buildings are 50% ~ 75%. The heat preservation and energy saving of buildings and industries is still the main application field of rubber and plastic insulation materials. Rubber plastics not only meet the national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, but also harmless to the environment and human body. With the acceleration of the pace of "double carbon", the domestic market of energy-saving materials for heat insulation is expanding. Under the background of "double carbon", the development of the industry will eliminate the low quality and backward production capacity, and the rubber and plastic industry has a larger space for development. Only by developing more rubber and plastic application fields and adapting to different scenarios, can the rubber and plastic industry maintain a sustainable development trend and stand insulation material market.