LNG elastic felt: clean and environmental protection online, to create a new standard of insulation
2022-12-09       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  What is an LNG tank? LNG is short for liquefied natural gas. It is liquefied natural gas formed by purifying natural gas produced in gas fields and then liquefied at low temperature (-162℃). LNG is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Its volume is about 1/600 of the volume of the same amount of gaseous natural gas, and its weight is only about 45% of that of the same volume of water. The LNG industry, as a cleaner and environmental-friendly energy, is developing rapidly in our country.


  It is understood that LNG storage tank is a newly emerging industry in recent years, most of it is introduced of foreign technology in our country. In our country in 2004, LNG storage tank construction was introduced. At the beginning, the cryogenic steel was imported from abroad. This low-temperature steel, commonly referred to as "9Ni" steel, has excellent low-temperature properties.

  LNG storage tanks can be used in a variety of forms such as: horizontal, vertical, mother-child type. Usually, the tank is able to maintain low temperature stability, and it is usually necessary to keep the tank cold. At present, the distance between the inner and outer walls of the mainstream large LNG storage tank is 1 meter, and the cooling structure is: the outer side of the inner tank wall is 300 mm thick elastic felt (four layers), and the remaining annular space is filled with perlite. The elastic felt and perlite are separated by glass fiber cloth. The main cooling materials include: adhesive nail, elastic felt, glass fiber cloth, perlite powder, etc.


  Uetersen LNG special elastic felt, with excellent elasticity, not easy to deformation, collapse, with excellent thermal insulation performance. At the same time, it also has anti-corrosion performance to avoid the corrosion of chemical materials in the process of use, affecting the cold insulation performance. In addition to the application of liquefaction storage tank on land, the anti-corrosion function of LNG elastic mat can also meet the application of Marine storage tank. The anti-corrosion function can effectively resist the erosion of sea wind and water vapor. At the same time, the layered glass fiber arrangement can alleviate the tension damage during installation and keep the thickness and springback of the product stable.


  Tank wall cooling is operated in confined space, so there is a high demand for cooling materials. Usually, the construction workers use the hanging basket operation, the working space is 0.6 m wide narrow space, the operation is difficult, risk, and low efficiency, so in addition to the construction need to strictly implement HSE management, to ensure the safe construction in addition, the material requirements also need to be light and good insulation effect, easy to site construction cutting operation, but also need to ensure the ideal insulation effect.


  The thickness difference between the inner and outer walls of the LNG tank is large, and the elastic felt is soft and elastic. Meanwhile, the fiber distribution is uniform, which avoids the uneven distribution caused by pulling when laying a large area. Due to the particularity of LNG storage tank, the requirements for cold preservation materials are strict. The elastic felt should meet the technical construction specifications of storage tank. The elastic felt should meet the requirements of sealing the outer joint with aluminum foil tape and the thickness standard of the elastic felt.


  Liquefied natural gas is an inflammable and explosive chemical product. Compared with the traditional glass wool insulation products, the requirements of the production and installation of elastic felt are more strict. In the thermal insulation industry, glass fiber products are used in various fields, showing their unique charm as a new material. Whether it is heat preservation or cold preservation, glass fiber products have similar performance, and also highlight different advantages according to different application scenarios. For example, the special thermal insulation elastic felt for LNG storage tank meets the requirements of various storage tank cryostorage applications. Meanwhile, the production requirements of thermal insulation elastic felt for LNG storage tank are strictly implemented, and the details are specific to the diameter of glass cotton fiber. Practice the requirements of green energy conservation and insulation, promote the concept of environmental protection and safety, and create high standards of research and development.


  Uetersen adhere to the research and development of new thermal insulation material technology, in the glass fiber technology, has been in the forefront of the industry. The products are used in aviation, high-speed rail, roof curtain wall, high temperature thermal industry and other fields. Practice pragmatic brand values, committed to the sustainable development of building energy conservation and insulation.