Application case of HVAC Rubber and Plastic: Baowan Building -- a new chapter of sea and sky landscape
2022-12-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Oct Baowan Building is located at the administrative, commercial and cultural center of the important node of Bao 'an District. The complex takes on the image of two towers, including comprehensive building, commercial podium, hotel tower, apartment tower, gathering luxury hotel, senior apartment, commercial and public facilities and other forms of business.

  The podium of the hotel owner tower is layered in shape, and the facade is set with modular exquisite window wall units, which meet the requirements of window wall proportion and set bay Windows, showing the rhythm of the coastal gesture from the bottom up. The top floors of the towers are equipped with column-free overhead Spaces, which are transparent and staggered. The green terraces open towards the big landscape interface of the city, allowing people to get a glimpse of the city's sea and sky. The design integrates the features of coastal elements to link life, city and nature. The project will stage-shape and uplift the public supporting areas and the hotel tower lobby to build a number of open and dynamic blocks on the first floor, creating a commercial complex with urban vitality.


  Multi-level floor skirt structure, combined with space design in many aspects, integrates the characteristics of coastal city elements, HVAC system can also use Uetersen environmental protection rubber plastic insulation, response to the city's energy saving and environmental protection new wind direction.

  The raw material of rubber and plastic is polyvinyl chloride. After micro-foaming technology, dense air closed holes are formed, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and heat preservation. In the past, the packaging material of HVAC should consider the climate, the use of structural design and insulation effect. The climate difference between the north and the south is large, the climate in the north is often drier than that in the south, and the selection of insulation materials is more broad. Baowan Building is located in Shenzhen, a coastal city with warm and humid sea breeze and warm climate. For the climate of high temperature and rainy, humid and plum rain frequented areas, rubber and plastic insulation can be well adapted to the local climate, closed air chamber has become a thorough protective film of the air duct, reduce the temperature circulation of the insulation layer and the object of insulation, internal and external temperature conduction.


  In addition to being able to adapt to the climate and not affected by temperature, rubber and plastic is light and easy to transport. The production base of Uetersen thermal insulation materials is distributed in many points, radiating projects all over the country, maintaining the quality and speed of production and research and development, but also ensuring the convenience of supply of project engineering, reducing the labor cost of freight.


  In the pipeline insulation construction, rubber and plastic products cutting convenient, lightweight materials are also conducive to high work. The rubber and plastic itself has a strong plasticity, wrapping insulation pipe more convenient and tight. At the same time, zero dust generation, construction environmental protection, space air replacement zero wait.


  Uetersen rubber and plastic products can be produced according to different needs, veneer. Aluminum foil veneer can further improve the thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials, while taking into account the anti-corrosion and moisture-proof properties. Aluminum foil is tough and has certain flame-resistant characteristics, which can maintain the thermal insulation effect better. Rubber plastic also has a certain industrial beauty. Simple color and dirty resistance, no formaldehyde, phenol and other toxic chemicals produced.


  Uetersen adheres to the brand values of innovation and pragmatism, and is committed to the sustainable development of building energy conservation and insulation. Uetersen has a wide variety of thermal insulation products, with excellent research and development technology and professional construction solutions, has been praised at home and abroad.