The environment of the park comes from the new breath of
2023-01-12       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Parks have always been the focal point of a city. More and more real estate developers combine the experience of parks with the intimacy of residential homes to create a garden-style living environment -- Broad Central Park is a classic case. As developer Broad Real Estate's second work in Chengdu International City South, the project not only occupies the dominant environment of the International city South, with a total construction area of 1.07 million square meters, the building density is only 25%, and the rest 75% is reserved for green space and trees. The building adopts classic neoclassical style and is magnificent. In terms of planning, the residential scale is expanded with luxury scale. The spacing between the buildings exceeds 100 meters, and the landscape walking axis is innovatively designed. The project has four themed gardens, each over 10,000 square meters.


  The project set up a star reception building in the southwest. In addition, each building has a duplex entrance lobby. The project also includes a branded kindergarten and a star club of 2,000 square meters. The club is equipped with heated swimming pool and outdoor double pool, fitness center, billiards room, cafe, chess room, reading room and Chinese restaurant. In addition, there is a 45,000 square meters of riverside pedestrian commercial street, not only convenient life, but also let here show a different kind of prosperity. Reasonable planning and collocation, make life more possible. Finding a dividing point between the hustle and bustle of the city and the quiet of nature in an unrivaled park setting is a well-deserved place to live.


  With the impact of the epidemic in recent years, the heat of the property market is also much lower than before. Since the outbreak began, we often met or greeted each other with the question: "Have you got a sheep?" "Ha Yang Kang..." "Wang Chongyang is here..." And so on. Meme greetings keep popping up. People's living environment from going out shopping, tourism, leisure walk in the park gradually narrowed into a two-point line of distance. The city is densely inhabited, and the environmental requirements are often reflected in the comprehensive performance of the community. Equipment ventilation, smoke exhaust and air convection are also a highlight of the current situation when the epidemic is released. In the demand for housing, from the details of living environment to smoke ventilation, sunshine and even prevention and control management, all highlight the spirit and living experience needs of people who are growing day by day.


  For intensive urban residential buildings, ventilation pipes and smoke control and exhaust ducts should meet the current fire resistance standard requirements for fire prevention and smoke exhaust of air pipes, such as the basic 0.5 hour smoke control and exhaust fire resistance limit, and the air pipes should maintain normal operation without disintegration and combustion aid phenomenon.


  Yuanda Central Park, urban garden landscape experience, strictly implement the smoke prevention and exhaust fire resistance requirements. Southwest mountainous area and humid climate, smoke exhaust duct design using special fire high hydrophobic glass wool, effectively block water vapor, maintain glass wool thermal insulation service life, reduce late maintenance and replacement. As a special supply brand for smoke prevention and exhaust, Uetersen has professional control of climate adaptation and hydrophobicity.


  Uetersen through the southwest climate of the keen sense of smell, constantly develop more suitable for regional climate fire insulation products. Sichuan also has a number of smoke control glass wool products use projects, Chengdu Hongliudong Primary School, Shuangliu Airport Tianfu International biological industry speedster, Vanke Qingbaijiang second son -- Yuehai Park, etc., are Uetersen smoke control glass wool supply projects.


  Product research and development is the cornerstone of brand development. Whether it is Huawei or the Internet and manufacturing R&D industry, only through active innovation, R&D and production can we grasp the wind and move to a broader horizon. The future is the future of research and development and innovation, but also the future of environmental development self-iteration. Uetersen will continue to develop and manufacture more insulation methods.