What kinds of rock wool insulation system are there?
2023-01-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Rock wool thermal insulation material is A kind of external wall thermal insulation system material, it has low thermal conductivity, belongs to class A non-combustible material, high chemical stability, in construction, industry, shipbuilding and other industries are widely used. Rock wool insulation system has external wall insulation thin plastering system and dry hanging curtain wall insulation system.


  When used in conjunction with appropriate insulation solutions, thin plastering can also create an effective and long-lasting weatherproof barrier. Modern thin plastering insulation systems incorporate building techniques while maintaining aesthetics. All exterior wall insulation systems should meet the requirements of cold, wind, rain and fire protection. Any exterior wall can meet these requirements if the right insulation material is chosen.

  In addition, using the right insulation can have considerable economic and environmental benefits. If the exterior walls are well insulated, much less energy is needed to heat the building, saving money on energy bills and helping to reduce emissions during energy production. Uetersen rock wool belt flatness is good, small size, light weight, convenient construction, with high compressive strength and tensile strength perpendicular to the surface. It can be applied to super high-rise buildings or balconies with high compressive strength, as well as the building parts requiring impact resistance. As a result, everyone can more truly feel and enjoy the warmth, dryness, windless and quiet of the building throughout the life of the structure.


  Dry hanging curtain wall insulation system mainly adopts outer wall insulation rock wool board as fire insulation material, with good compressive strength and tensile strength perpendicular to the surface, excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, is suitable for a variety of masonry or concrete and other dense structure of the foundation wall material. It can not only be used for external insulation of new and extended walls, but also can be used for external insulation and energy saving transformation of existing buildings. At the same time, Class A non-combustible fire rating and high temperature resistance performance, in case of fire can maintain the stability of the system structure.