What are the domestic lng refrigeration brand manufacturers?
2023-01-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Insulation and cold preservation, mainly use the texture gap of special materials, the insulation target is wrapped or sealed, the temperature and air isolation to reduce the contact conduction. Usually lng storage tank cooling mainly use elastic felt. In addition to the land storage tank insulation application, lng is also used in offshore lng ship tank insulation. At present, our country is working towards the direction of manufacturing high volume, low cost, lng carriers. Of course, with the rapid development of lng shipping industry, we should not ignore the risks it may bring.

  When transporting liquefied natural gas by sea, the risk of its operation can endanger human lives, equipment and the environment. Therefore, the use of high-quality lng insulation materials can maintain tank shock absorption under certain conditions, while keeping cold, forming favorable conditions for lng production and transportation.


  At present, the commonly used brand of lng elastic felt insulation in China is Uetersen, which has more than ten years of research and development and production technology experience in the field of insulation. Through continuous progress, development and learning, it is gradually moving towards the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection. lng elastic felt and clean energy liquefied natural gas have the same development purpose.

  lng elastic felt, with its unique advantages, has stepped into the field of vision of the insulation industry. High-quality felt surface fibers are soft and malleable, which is convenient to operate when wrapping or using a large area of laying. Although the raw material is glass fiber rich in silicon element, Uetersen elastic felt almost does not contain dust, at the same time, thin and flexible, and suitable for storage tank construction space operation, soft texture and no fiber fracture phenomenon. Currently, it is the refrigerating partner of lng storage tank.