New technology building materials (floor sound insulation system) expert technical exchange meeting
2023-02-07       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Environmental protection is a word that is mentioned all the time in all walks of life. The development of human society has been obtained from the natural environment since ancient times. The concept of environmental protection was put forward after the contradiction between social progress and development and the protection and development of natural environment, and gradually became familiar with it. At present, the promotion of environmental protection and energy saving in many aspects of urban buildings has also begun to enter the white heat. In the process of urban development, there are also standard restrictions on building facades, building decoration, light and sound propagation. Optical pollution is improved through building facades, while noise pollution is mainly reduced through afforestation and acoustic materials.


  January 14, 2023: A technical exchange meeting on building materials (Floor sound insulation system) themed on environmental protection industry was successfully held by Uetersen Group West Company.

  Members of the expert steering group participating in this meeting are: Mr. Wei Yannian, local standard setter of Sichuan Provincial Building Energy Conservation expert industry; Mr. Jiang Chenggui, Director of Sichuan Provincial Building Materials Quality Inspection Institute; Mr. Jiang Hainan, Director of the First Management Department of Chengdu Green Building Supervision Service Station; and Mr. Chen Dongping, engineer of Sichuan Provincial Building Research Institute Co., LTD. Before the meeting starts, the convenor of the meeting, Mr. Hua Yong, will introduce the theme of the meeting to the participants, and Mr. Wei Yannian will make a speech.


  Zheng Rui, technical manager of Uetersen introduced the general situation of Uetersen New Materials Group, brand growth history and production situation, and focused on the product of Uetersen sound insulation floor system (sound insulation floor fiberglass mute pad), construction scheme and the application status and cases of this product in South and East China.

  During this period, the expert leaders who came to guide us, combined with the field of floor sound insulation system, the actual application situation and common product solutions in the southwest market at the present stage, to understand our company's products from the technical aspects, from the parameters of research and judgment. From the perspectives of industry standard setters, project designers, product users and so on, the company's product technology and research and development suggestions were made, product parameters were compared with competing products, materials, construction and installation were systematically combined, and promotion and prediction were made according to the current product market status and application prospects.


  At the end of the meeting, a technical summary was made for the theme of the meeting. Focusing on their main fields and directions of concern, each leader expressed his or her own opinions, and made a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and suggestions on the overall development of the western Company of our Group, the product optimization of the floor sound insulation system and the detailed adjustment of product operation according to regional market characteristics. And at the end of the meeting, the group, the brand and products on the good message and enthusiastic expectations.


  Uetersen sound absorbing board is mainly centrifugal glass wool. As an acoustic material widely used in the world for a long time, it has been recognized as an excellent sound absorbing material in the industry. Raw materials from natural ore quartz sand, dolomite. Through the centrifugal process to form a uniform glass fiber, and through various requirements of processing, the formation of a variety of acoustic materials. Such as ktv use of sound absorption soft package, smallpox use of sound absorption board and so on.


  As a brand that has been in the insulation industry for more than ten years, Uetersen is confident in product production and research and development. Sharing its own technology and product production is also an indispensable step for its own growth. Through technical exchanges and cooperation with various industry personnel, every step is the need of its own development and update and iteration, to show our pragmatic and enterprising side to the industry and customers.