Weiao shares cold insulation products technical exchange conference brief
2023-02-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  On February 3, 2023, in the beautiful coastal island city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, Uetersen and Qingdao Weiao Railway Co., Ltd. held a unique exchange meeting on cold insulation technology of high-speed train body equipment. Our company mainly participated in the meeting: General Manager Liu of Uetersen Group, Director of aerogel technology research and development Zhu Mengwei, technical director Fan Shi, and partner Luan Shikai of Uetersen.

  Qingdao Weiao Railway Co., LTD is a supporting cooperation company of CRRC Qingdao Sifang rolling stock, mainly involved in high-speed rail car body and related equipment technology and research and development. In this exchange meeting, the technology of thermal insulation materials such as cold proof of high-speed railway car body and thermal insulation of high-speed railway equipment will be discussed in depth. The main technology sharing and research communication of Uetersen's thermal insulation and cold-proof products include: Uetersen aerogel LNG special elastic felt, glass wool, rubber and other thermal insulation and cold-proof products.


  In recent years, railway travel has been favored by people because of its advantages of convenience and speed. The whole process from low speed railway to high speed railway has taken us more than one hundred years. The application of the frame pipeline equipment and the cold protection of the vehicle body is also more perfect. For example, part of the command function of the EMU is realized through the switch. In a cold environment, the viscosity of the grease inside the switch increases, and there will be positive and negative contacts "arc pulling phenomenon", which may lead to control failure. Therefore, some high-cold trains adopt special low-temperature control switches. The water tank, waste tank and water pipe of the train are put on thick "clothes", and there is an electric companion hotline in the middle of the "cotton clothes". The bottom of the water tank is also added with a "small electric furnace", which can still maintain the "vitality" in cold weather. The cotton clothes used in the equipment frame of these bullet trains are all kinds of thermal insulation and cold proof materials.


  The application of thermal insulation materials makes the field of rail transit have more possibilities in temperature adaptation and application.

  In this meeting, elastic felt, aerogel and so on are the representatives of new technology products of Uetersen, and they are also the two products with excellent performance in insulation and cold protection. The meeting site through the technical introduction, Weiao track side of multiple department heads have shown great interest in the two products.


  LNG elastic felt is mainly used for cold protection and insulation at low temperature, with soft fiber and convenient construction, which can adapt to the current low temperature application standard. Excellent resilience and can moderately fill the compound gap, to avoid the difference between thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by internal and external temperature.

  Aerogel, as a silicon insulation material, has the advantage of being able to fit the insulation target well. Its insulation base is light and easy to cut, and the insulation volume is smaller. At the same time, it has the function of high temperature resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance, and has excellent performance in CRRC equipment.


  Through the communication and sharing of Uetersen technical members on product innovation and research and development, the person in charge of Weiao Rail Share has a multi-directional understanding of Uetersen's product architecture and layout range. At the same time, the project engineering cases are used as a complement to better convey the installation technology of products, and carry out product quality assessment, so as to further communicate the application research in rail transit.


  As a brand that has been in the insulation industry for more than ten years, Uuetersen is confident in product production and research and development. Sharing its own technology and product production is also an important step in its own growth. Uetersen brand has also served a number of CRRC thermal insulation package anti-cold projects, in this process, but also constantly improve and upgrade technology, research and development of new products, after installation and use has been a lot of praise and recognition.