What is the insulation and cooling layer of lng storage tank?
2023-02-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  lng is short for liquefied Natural gas. In the current energy shortage, the new energy technology industry has been gradually developed, lng is a large plate of clean energy. Liquefied natural gas is a kind of pollution-free and non-toxic clean energy. Its forming process mainly depends on the liquefaction of cryogenic equipment storage tank. During transportation or preparation, storage tanks and pipes need to be insulated and cooled.


  lng liquefaction temperature needs to be carried out at -162 ℃, so the requirements for cold preservation are relatively strict. For example, our lng storage tank consists of inner tank and outer tank, and the wall thickness of the middle tank can reach more than one meter deep, then what is the thickness of this meter deep? This is our lng storage tank insulation and cooling layer. This layer of insulation material generally adopts Uetersen's elastic felt for installation and cooling. Some storage tanks have different insulation schemes according to different parts. For example, the insulation layer at the bottom of the tank also needs elastic felt with hydrophobic properties to reduce the ground water vapor caused by the tank moisture.

  At the same time, from the perspective of storage tank construction, the steel bar and concrete used will also be deployed in a certain proportion to achieve the effect of heat preservation and moisture-proof with insulation materials, so as to avoid the formation of cold bridge effect, which will affect the effect of cold preservation and thus affect the process of natural gas liquefaction.

  Uetersen Insulation Material is an enterprise engaged in the research and development of lng special elastic felt, focusing on the research and development of new energy and new technology insulation and cold insulation, cold insulation solutions for new energy insulation, hoping to promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and create a better low-carbon living environment.