What material is the fire-resistant package of the smoke exhaust duct?
2023-02-09       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  In our daily life, the house decoration will use a variety of plates. The smoke control and exhaust system of building occupies an important position, then, what material should be used for the fire-resistant wrap outside the smoke control and exhaust duct? What is the fire resistance limit?


  When a fire occurs in the building, the anti-exhaust smoke duct conveys and supplements pressurized air, prevents the invasion of smoke, and gives rescue personnel time to transfer and evacuate. It is common practice to cover galvanized steel duct with insulation material to ensure that smoke exhaust duct can maintain effective work for a certain period of time in case of fire. Glass wool insulation material is used for fireproof wrap outside smoke exhaust duct, which is widely used in building thermal insulation. The fire resistance limit of glass wool can reach 0.5 hour and 1 hour according to different bulk density and combination.


  The physical and chemical properties of different thermal insulation materials determine different temperature ranges. According to the current GB/T13350-2017 "Glass wool and its Products for Heat insulation" standard, it is stipulated that high temperature glass wool products can be used for high temperature conditions (hot surface temperature is greater than 250 degrees Celsius), and pass the maximum use temperature assessment of glass wool products.

  Glass wool products are raw materials quartz sand, dolomite, borax and other natural minerals, through the specific process and formula ratio mixed, with 1360°C high temperature furnace after melting, using centrifugal fiber technology, can be cut into glass wool felt and glass wool board according to the requirements.


  Glass wool has high temperature resistance, strong tensile strength and good resilience. It reduces energy consumption in production, packaging, transportation, installation and use. Uetersen glass wool has A1 grade non-combustible fireproof performance, widely used in pipe insulation, to meet the fire insulation requirements of smoke control system, provides fire insulation function.