Glass wool is widely used in the construction material market
2023-02-16       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  More and more new building materials for building purposes are changing the construction industry, and glass wool is one of them. Glass wool is a kind of thermal insulation material that will fiber molten glass to form cotton, and belongs to artificial inorganic fiber. It has the characteristics of good molding, small bulk density, high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance and chemical stability.

  It is widely used in construction and household appliances, semiconductor equipment, refrigerators and other products. The advantages of glass wool include light volume, energy conservation and environmental protection, good thermal insulation, good flame retardancy and maintenance-free. It is mainly applied to the exterior wall, partition wall, ceiling, interior wall, suspended ceiling, water pipe and sound insulation and vibration reduction of buildings.


  Glass wool is increasingly used in the construction market. The energy saving performance of glass wool is very good, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. The glass wool is light in material, which is beneficial to reduce the amount of work and dust pollution on the construction site, whether during construction or transportation. In addition, the glass wool material is soft, which can provide good heat insulation and sound insulation function, and can effectively reduce indoor temperature and noise.

  Compared with traditional building materials, glass wool has more advantages, so it plays an important role in the development of the construction industry. It can improve the performance of buildings, improve indoor safety and environmental quality, and better meet the needs of building users.