What are the uses and advantages of rock wool insulation board?
2023-02-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Rock wool insulation board is made of basalt and natural ore and other raw materials, with high quality thermal resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation performance, and has the advantages of weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity, impact resistance, flame resistance. Rock wool insulation board is mainly used in industrial and construction fields, such as power, urban heating exhaust pipe, collector, special pipe, elevator, investment, HVAC, laundry, central air conditioning system, light building insulation and sound insulation.


  Rock wool insulation board mainly has the following advantages:

  First, good thermal insulation performance

  Rock wool insulation board has good thermal resistance, thermal insulation performance and acoustic insulation performance, can effectively inhibit heat loss, ensure the temperature of the space, reduce the amount of air conditioning, save energy.

  Two, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance

  Rock wool insulation board has good weather resistance, even if long-term exposure to the outdoors, will not be affected by the sun, rain, salt spray and other atmospheric environment, will not change its performance, and there is good corrosion resistance, can effectively resist all kinds of acid and alkali erosion.

  Three, impact resistance

  Rock wool insulation board has good impact resistance, can resist the impact of falling from high altitude, effectively protect the pipeline, prolong the service life.

  Four, flame resistance

  Rock wool insulation board has good flame resistance, refractory temperature can reach more than 1200℃.