Uetersen News: Shanghai Electronic Institute technology exchange Conference
2023-02-23       Source:Uetersen

  February 17, 2023, in such a bright spring weather, even the wind is a vibrant willow wind. In such a warm spring, Uetersen and Shanghai Electronic Technology Institute held a meeting on thermal insulation materials technology exchange. Participating in this meeting are Zhang Jiangmin, Yang Dong and Chen Chen from Uetersen Shanghai Company. The representatives from the Electronic Technology Exchange Institute are: Song Lijuan (construction group leader), Zhu Yufei (structure group) and other 8 members.

  The conference was successfully held in the conference Center of Shanghai Electronics Institute. First of all, Zhang Jiangmin, the keynote speaker of Uetersen Technology, made a brief introduction to the conference site, and provided the introduction of the sample delivery of Uetersen insulation products to understand the structure of Uetersen insulation materials and related production technology.


  Uetersen is a thermal insulation brand company with more than ten years of experience in the thermal insulation industry. In this exchange meeting, the four products of Uetersen are introduced: glass wool, rock wool, rubber and plastic, and aerogel. In addition to focusing on the application direction of rubber and plastic asked by the Institute of Electronic Technology, the application scenarios of formaldehyde-free glass wool, glass fiber air duct, special series of products for smoke control and exhaust, aerogel felt series of products were also introduced in detail, and the application feedback was shared in combination with engineering cases. Through the combination of various aspects, understand the comprehensive performance of thermal insulation materials, the effect of the application field and project feedback.


  In the technical exchanges between the two parties, Zhang Jiangmin was responsible for the answer of product technology, Yang Dong and Chen Chen assisted in answering the designers' questions on the application of materials one by one, such as the water vapor isolation problem of glass wool in the installation process of steel structure workshop. Relevant person in charge of Uetersen gave the following answers: "Glass wool felt with reinforced aluminum foil veneer, in the installation, a large area of aluminum foil veneer composite glass wool felt laying, can be well isolated from water vapor erosion."

  Corresponding to different contents, combined with the application field to give the answer: "As a silicon insulation material, aerogel felt has the advantage of being able to fit the insulation target well, its insulation base is light and easy to cut, insulation volume is smaller. At the same time, it has the effect of high temperature, fire and moisture resistance. It can be applied to the fire insulation direction of lithium battery and other industries!"


  Glass wool felt and aerogel felt are also glass fiber base materials. After different production methods and different materials composite, the fields and properties of use have also made greater breakthroughs. It can meet the requirements of fire protection, temperature control and application cost for different insulated targets. Through the communication and sharing of Uetersen technical members on product technology innovation and research and development, the person in charge of the electronic Institute has a multi-dimensional understanding of Uetersen's product architecture and layout range. At the same time, the project engineering cases are used as a complement to better convey the installation technology of products, and carry out product quality assessment, in-depth communication and application research in various fields.

  The Institute of Electronic Technology has made a basic statement on the current environmental protection and energy saving requirements of Shanghai, and has made an understanding of the rockwool plate products. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region, the policy in the direction of energy saving of the external wall of the city section has been tightened, and the standard coverage rate is also higher. Uetersen rock wool products out of the circle advantage has been reflected from the raw materials and installation, performance, also precisely in line with the local policy development needs.


  As a brand that has been in the insulation industry for more than ten years, Uetersen is confident in product production and research and development. Sharing its own technology and product production is also an indispensable step for its own growth. The technical exchange of the Institute of Electronic Technology has benefited a lot. Through the communication between the two sides, it has further laid the development layout of Uetersen new material energy-saving insulation products in East China, and ushered in a booming situation in the spring of 2023.