What are the materials for LNG pipeline insulation?
2023-03-01       Source:Uetersen

  Generally speaking, LNG insulation materials include composite multilayer wall systems, glass fiber seamless wall systems. The role of LNG pipeline is mainly short-haul transportation, LNG liquefaction auxiliary or natural gas application pipeline. LNG pipeline insulation can effectively reduce pipeline losses, improve the overall operation efficiency and ensure safety. Therefore, LNG pipelines need to take insulation measures to ensure the efficiency and safety of pipeline operation.


  In general, what kind of materials are used for LNG pipeline insulation?

  Pipeline insulation first meets the requirements of fire protection, with the premise of insulation, but also meet the fire safety, fire prevention, no ignition. With the development of the LNG industry, it is also necessary to meet the supply of materials, reduce costs as the premise, and improve productivity. Third, considering the maintenance cost of pipeline applications, the insulation material also needs to be resistant to moisture. Currently commonly used pipeline insulation can be glass fiber elastic felt, aerogel and so on.

  In the past, glass fiber elastic felt was mainly imported from American and European brands, which also increased the development cost of domestic LNG industry chain. Uetersen is a brand specializing in the research and development of LNG special elastic felt insulation. In recent years, Uetersen has broken through the United States and Europe LNG cooling production technology, broke the monopoly situation of foreign brands for a long time, and developed and produced LNG special elastic felt products. It can be used for LNG ship heavy industry, all kinds of storage tank insulation, etc., which fully meets the current demand for cooling materials in the LNG field.