What can new insulation materials do for carbon peak and carbon neutrality?
2023-03-02       Source:Uetersen

  Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality is one of the most concerned issues on earth, which is of great significance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting climate change, reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and improving building environment.


  The emergence of new thermal insulation materials makes it possible to use low carbon building materials to reduce energy consumption of buildings more effectively, thus saving carbon emissions. New insulation materials can effectively help the building's year-round environmental control, thus promoting carbon peak and carbon neutrality. In addition, new insulation materials can reduce the impact of external sound sources on the building environment, thus making the building more carbon peak and carbon neutral.

  What are the new building insulation materials? Generally speaking, the new insulation materials mainly include gypsum board, steel pipe insulation, composite material insulation, glass wool, slag wool, polyurethane foam aerogel, expanded perlite and so on. Glass wool is a kind of thermal insulation material made of high fiber glass or glass microfibers mixed with good thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and heat insulation performance. It has good flame suppression effect, can be seismic, can inhibit moisture to prevent moisture, can prevent rain to prevent corrosion and other characteristics.