What is the potential of aerogel insulation in batteries
2023-03-06       Source:Uetersen

  As an efficient insulating material, aerogel insulation has excellent thermal insulation performance and can be widely used in the field of battery safety and energy saving.

  First of all, in terms of battery safety, aerogel insulation can play a role of heat insulation protection, which can effectively reduce the increase of the internal temperature of the battery and avoid the occurrence of safety problems such as overheating and explosion of the battery. At the same time, aerogel insulation can also increase the stability of the battery, prolong the service life of the battery, improve the reliability and security of the battery.


  Secondly, in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, aerogel insulation is mainly applied to the insulation layer of battery modules. By reducing the increase of internal temperature of the battery, the loss of internal energy of the battery is reduced, so as to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction. In addition, aerogel insulation can improve the working efficiency of the battery, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, improve the power output and efficiency of the battery, thus achieving a better use of energy.

  In conclusion, aerogel insulation has a broad application prospect in the field of battery safety and energy saving and consumption reduction, which can realize the protection and optimization of batteries and promote the sustainable development of the battery industry.