What are the glass cotton sound absorbing board materials?
2023-03-09       Source:Uetersen

  With the increasingly serious noise pollution in cities, more and more people are using sound-absorbing panels to improve their quality of life. There are many kinds of sound-absorbing board materials. Different materials are suitable for different occasions and requirements. The following are some common sound-absorbing board materials.


  Foam: such as polyethylene, polyurethane, etc., sound absorption effect is better, but the fire performance is poor. Mineral wool board is a kind of sound absorbing material with good fire performance, which can be used to make sound absorbing board. Porous ceramics have good sound absorption and fire resistance, but the price is higher. Wood materials: such as particleboard, MDF, etc., can be processed to change its density and porosity to achieve sound absorption effect.

  Glass wool board is a common sound insulation, sound absorption material, has good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, can be used to make sound absorption board. Its main characteristics are soft, good elasticity, light density, good sound absorption effect. The sound absorption coefficient of glass wool board is generally between 0.7 and 0.9, which can effectively absorb low and medium frequency noise. Its role in improving indoor environment has been widely recognized and applied.

  When glass wool board is used as sound-absorbing board, different thickness and density can be combined to achieve different sound-absorbing effects. But need to remind is that the glass wool board itself does not have fire performance, so need to pay attention to fire prevention measures when in use. In addition, glass wool board has pungent smell, need to wear appropriate protective equipment during construction, and maintain ventilation.