Can rock wool insulation board be fireproof?
2023-03-10       Source:Uetersen

  The choice of fireproof materials is very important in the building. Because fire is a destructive disaster, fire-proof materials in buildings can slow the spread of the fire and buy time for rescue. It can also lower the combustion temperature, reduce the production of smoke and toxic gases, and protect personnel from secondary injury.


  Rock wool board is a kind of good fire performance insulation material, can effectively resist different degrees of fire, delay the spread of fire, improve the safety of buildings. It is made of natural rock fiber as raw material, after high temperature melting and wire drawing processing, has excellent fire resistance and heat insulation performance. Rock wool board can withstand high temperature up to 1200℃, will not burn, melt or drip, produce toxic gas, can play a flame retardant and delay the spread of the fire.

  Rockwool board is A kind of fire-proof class A building material, which is widely used in building engineering for thermal insulation and insulation of wall, roof, ground and other parts, providing stable and reliable protection for buildings. In the design, construction and maintenance of modern urban buildings, it is an important measure to choose and use fire-proof materials that meet the standards.