What materials do you choose for freezer insulation?
2023-03-14       Source:Uetersen

  Do a good job of thermal insulation in the freezer, the temperature reaches the storage conditions of the items, in order to achieve the ideal refrigeration effect, refrigerated items will not be damaged.

  The insulation of the freezer is very important. You can choose the following insulation materials:

  Foamed polyurethane is one of the commonly used thermal insulation materials for freezer. It has excellent thermal insulation performance and strong support, good durability and not easy to absorb water.

  The thermal conductivity of polystyrene board is very low and the thermal insulation performance is good. At the same time, it also has good flame retardant and compressive properties.

  Extruded polystyrene board (XPS) is usually used for freezer floor insulation, it has high pressure and impact resistance, excellent insulation and moisture-proof performance.

  When building a freezer, factors such as insulation effect and insulation cost should be considered. What materials to choose mainly depends on specific needs and budgets.


  The insulation points of freezer mainly include the following aspects:

  Ensure the insulation performance of the walls, roof and floor to reduce heat transfer loss, but also ensure that the walls, roof and floor are well sealed to avoid the leakage of cold air.

  Freezer doors should be well sealed, not only to effectively prevent the exchange of internal and external gas, but also to be able to quickly open and close the function to avoid energy loss.

  Regular inspection and maintenance of refrigeration equipment to ensure its normal operation, to avoid energy waste and cooling effect decline.

  Pay attention to the operation and management in the warehouse to avoid excessive temperature fluctuation caused by frequent opening of the freezer door.

  When placing items in the library, we should pay attention to the blocking degree of items to avoid excessive accumulation and blocking ventilation and cooling.

  The temperature monitoring device is installed to monitor the temperature in the warehouse in real time, so as to detect and remove faults in time.