What are the application and advantages of rubber and plastic insulation materials
2023-03-15       Source:Uetersen

  Rubber and plastic insulation material is a kind of closed cell structure, no water absorption, no water seepage, can effectively prevent water penetration into the material, so as to avoid the building damp, mold, rot and other phenomena. Its low thermal conductivity, can effectively isolate hot and cold air, so as to achieve good thermal insulation effect.

  Rubber has good flexibility, can adapt to a variety of complex building shapes and surfaces. And does not contain CFC, will not produce harmful substances, product environmental protection, health, safety.

  Rubber and plastic insulation materials meet the B1 fire standard, can effectively protect the safety of the building. Good shock resistance can effectively resist vibration and vibration to ensure the stability and safety of the building. Lightweight rubber and plastic are also easy to transport and construction, reducing the burden of workers.


  Application field of rubber and plastic insulation materials:

  Building roof, wall, ground and other parts of the insulation, in order to improve the energy-saving effect of the building; Applied to cold storage heat preservation, to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof; Heat insulation of vehicles such as automobiles and aircraft to improve their efficiency and comfort; All kinds of industrial equipment insulation, to ensure the normal operation of equipment; Household appliances insulation, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, etc.

  Rubber and plastic is a kind of widely used thermal insulation materials, in construction, transportation, industry, household appliances and other fields have important application value.