Can waste rock wool be recycled?
2023-03-17       Source:Uetersen

  It's OK. Rockwool is an excellent insulation material, but also a recyclable material. Waste rock wool can be recycled and reprocessed into new rock wool products, which can not only reduce the amount of waste generated, but also save raw materials and reduce environmental pollution. Rock wool recovery and utilization methods include mechanical crushing, chemical recovery, incineration recovery and many other ways. Safety and environmental protection standards should be followed in the recycling process to avoid environmental impact.


  Waste rock wool can be recycled in the following ways:

  The waste rockwool can be pulverized into granules, which can be used to make new rockwool products. Waste rock wool can be used as a filling material between walls, roofs or floors in buildings or houses to improve sound insulation and insulation performance. Because of its good sound insulation performance, waste rock wool can be used in cinemas, recording studios and other places that need good acoustic effects. The waste rock wool pad in the plant wall can increase the depth of the soil for plant growth and increase the water retention performance. Waste rock wool can be used for cars, trains, ships and other transport vehicles noise processing.

  The methods and technologies of rock wool recycling are also developing and changing. Suitable methods can be selected according to different application scenarios and needs. Different regions have relevant laws, regulations and policies for the treatment and recovery of waste rockwool. It is recommended to comply with local laws and regulations when recycling waste rockwool.