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Desc:Uetersen hVAC special glass wool is made of mixed natural ore and other inorganic materials after high temperature hot melting, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology, with excellent fire insulation, high hydrobicity, strong tensile resistance, anti-a...

Detailed introduction

Uetersen hVAC special glass wool is made of mixed natural ore and other inorganic materials after high temperature hot melting, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology, with excellent fire insulation, high hydrobicity, strong tensile resistance, anti-aging, durability and other characteristics.  , its products are glass wool felt, glass wool board, glass wool tube and glass sliver, with heat preservation and fire prevention, sound absorption performance, high hate water, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics.  Uetersen centrifugal glass wool is suitable for most of the building needs of heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, especially suitable for dark and humid space environment, or densely populated places that need environmental protection building materials.  


Uetersen hVAC system insulation solution is the industry's economic, energy saving, health and environmental protection solution, especially suitable for large hospitals, hotels, subways and other relatively closed application scenarios.  


Uetersen hVAC centrifugal glass wool products are made of natural minerals such as quartz sand, dolomite, borax and other inorganic materials, mixed in accordance with the requirements of specific process formula proportion, after 1360℃ high temperature hot melt, with advanced centrifugal fiber glass wool products.  Its main characteristics are:  


1, high temperature resistance: Uetersen hVAC glass wool with advanced production technology, professional production technology and strict quality control, the highest use temperature can reach 400℃.  


2, aging resistance, durability: uniform slender, elastic glass fiber is closely linked to each other, avoiding the deformation accumulation and the sharp decline in thermal conductivity caused by vibration after long-term use, Uetersen HVAC glass wool has a longer service life than other insulation materials.  


3, high hydrophobicity: Uetersen glass wool has high hydrophobicity, which can greatly reduce the possibility of glass wool thermal insulation performance and service life reduction caused by water vapor infiltration into glass wool.  


4, uniform fiber diameter fine toughness: advanced fiber forming equipment and technology, so that the diameter of Uetersen glass fiber products is far less than the national standard, and does not contain slag ball, more uniform distribution.  Experimental results show that under the same other conditions, the smaller the fiber diameter, the smaller the thermal conductivity of the product, the better the thermal insulation performance of the product.  


5, high resilience: Uetersen glass cotton uses proprietary product formula and thermosetting adhesive, coupled with good fiber properties, to ensure that all products have excellent resilience, ensure that the product after packaging, storage, transportation, installation and use, the product can be restored to the design thickness.  From thermal resistance = thickness/thermal conductivity, it can be seen that the thickness of thermal insulation material has a very important influence on the thermal resistance performance of products.  


6, good tensile resistance: thinner and longer glass fiber, so that the fiber is more flexible, the combination between the fibers more closely, the grasp force between the fibers is further improved, so that the product has stronger tensile performance, to ensure that the product is evenly distributed after installation and use, there will not be insufficient local thickness.  


7, fire performance: Uetersen glass wool products, more than 90% of its raw materials are natural inorganic minerals, so it has excellent fire performance.  According to China National Fire Building Materials Quality Inspection Center in accordance with THE GB8624-2012 judgment, Uetersen all glass wool products are grade A1 non-combustible materials.  


8, non-corrosive: Uetersen glass wool products, because of its raw materials, formula and molding process without any chemical reaction, the product is weak alkaline, PH value of 7.5~8.0, non-corrosive and stable product performance and lasting, will not lead to cover or wrapped steel rust and other adverse phenomena.  


9, environmental performance: The International Agency for Research on Cancer after years of follow-up investigation, officially confirmed that glass wool products do not belong to a possible carcinogen, will not produce lesions, the waste landfill after the water and soil does not constitute pollution.  


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