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Desc:Aerogel is a solid derived from a gel whose liquid component is replaced by air, making it dry and porous.In fact, more than 90% of the volume is vacuum, so aerogel is the world's lightest solid material....

Detailed introduction

Aerogel is a solid derived from a gel whose liquid component is replaced by air, making it dry and porous.  In fact, more than 90% of the volume is vacuum, so aerogel is the world's lightest solid material.  It is 1,000 times less dense than glass, making it one of the world's least dense solid materials.  Their tightly distributed particle sizes are particularly suitable for adiabatic applications because of their extremely low thermal conductivity, high shear resistance, and high hydrophobicity.  


History of aerogel:  


Aerogel, also known as dry gel.  Is composed of colloidal particles or polymer molecules of nanoporous network structure, and in the gap filled with gaseous dispersion medium of a highly dispersed solid material, the appearance of a solid.  Aerogel was produced by American scientist Kistler in 1931 by hydrolyzing sodium silicate.  Subsequently, with the further study of aerogel and the gradual improvement of supercritical drying technology, the solid particles composed of aerogel tend to be more refined, and the distribution of micropores tend to be more uniform, so that the density of materials is lower and the porosity is higher.  At present, aerogel mainly refers to a solid material which is composed of ultrafine particles of nanometer magnitude.  


Aerogel characteristics:  


More than 99.8% of aerogel is air. Due to its extremely low density, the current very light aerogel is only 0.16 mg per cubic centimeter, which has been officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "the world's lowest density solid".  When aerogel is placed in front of a dark background, it shows a light blue color and is called "blue smoke". Due to its low thermal conductivity, aerogel is widely used and is known as one of the "ten magic materials that change the world".  



Application field  


01, Transportation  


Heat insulation of emU roof, heat insulation of battery pack of new energy electric vehicle, ship deck, ship bulkhead.  The wide operating temperature range of lithium battery is -20℃-60℃. Electric vehicles with good battery temperature control and electric control performance can make cars warm in winter and cool in summer, safer, and have strong endurance and long service life.  


02, Urban heat network  


City central heating, heating room, petrochemical, steam insulation pipeline, etc.  The heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe, and the heat loss of the heat network is 2%, which is less than the international standard of 10%.  There is no need to build a huge trench, just the insulation pipe buried underground, greatly reduce the occupation, reduce the amount of earthwork excavation about 50% more, reduce the amount of civil construction masonry and concrete 90%.  At the same time, thermal insulation pipe processing and site ditching parallel, only the site joint, can shorten the construction period of about 50%.  


03,Combined heat and power generation  


Thermal insulation equipment and pipes for thermal power plants, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.  Reduce heat loss and save materials.  The temperature of the medium in the pipeline is between 100~500℃ to prevent scald.  Prevent the liquid in the pipeline and equipment from freezing and condensation on the outer surface.  Prevent fire and improve fire resistance insulation.  Prevent condensation of vapor medium during transportation.  


04, High temperature kiln  


Lining of high temperature kilns.  High temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, good heat insulation, strong oxidation resistance, convenient construction.  Greatly prolong the service time of furnace lining material and reduce the damage rate of furnace lining material.  


05, Petrochemical industry  


Thermal insulation of heavy oil high temperature steam injection mining pipeline and thermal insulation of medium pipeline of refining unit.  The general temperature is between 200℃ and 600℃.  Aerogel can effectively reduce the amount of external insulation layer, excellent hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity rate ≥98% and PH value is neutral, will not corrosion insulation pipe, so as to extend the service life of the construction object.  With the same insulation effect, the use of aerogel insulation felt can effectively reduce the volume of the construction object, thus significantly improving the layout rate of the pipeline.  


Aerospace industry  


Space suit interlining, detectors, aircraft nacelles, nuclear reactors, evaporators, boilers and complex high-temperature steam piping systems for nuclear submarines, tanks, steam-powered missile destroyers.  Can enhance the heat insulation effect, reduce cabin temperature, at the same time effectively reduce the amount of heat insulation materials, increase the use of space in the cabin, effectively improve all kinds of working environment.  


07, LNG storage and transportation  


LNG pipeline, LNG ship.  The temperature of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at atmospheric pressure is about -162℃.  Aerogels have low thermal conductivity, A1 fire rating, and water hate rate greater than or equal to 99%.  Excellent low temperature stability, avoid the traditional materials due to vibration caused by the accumulation of deformation resulting in a sharp decline in thermal insulation performance.  Made of inorganic materials, no harmful substances to human body and neutral PH value, no corrosion to construction objects.  


08, building insulation  


Roof, floor, window glass, interior and exterior walls, etc.  The wall is greatly thinned, the net space of the house is greatly increased, and the land area becomes smaller.  The increased cost is honestly passed on to the end consumer, who can also accept it by calculating the annual energy-saving rate.  


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