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Desc:The bag air duct, also called the fiber fabric air duct, is a flexible air distribution system woven by special fibers....

Detailed introduction

  The bag air duct, also called the fiber fabric air duct, is a flexible air distribution system woven by special fibers.

  In the world's frozen food industry in the 1960s and 1970s, in order to meet the special requirements of large cooling capacity and low wind speed in the refrigeration area, HVAC engineers in various countries tried to make air outlets with ordinary cotton fiber fabrics, which are shaped like SOCKS. The same is true in the 1950s and 1960s in China. There were many cases of installing cloth bag air ducts in the refrigeration and refrigeration industry, referred to as cloth bag air ducts.


  Uetersen fiber fabric air duct system is a flexible air distribution system woven by special fibers. end system.

  It mainly uses the fiber gap penetration and different forms of slits, nozzles or nozzles to distribute the air flow to the designated space, so as to achieve the end system of uniform air supply. Uetersen fiber fabric air duct system has a variety of different air outlet methods, which can meet the needs of different environments.

  The fiber fabric air duct system is based on an effective, energy-saving, clean, comfortable and convenient air supply system. It is a widely accepted air supply method in Europe and the United States. The entire system field of air supply and return air has been widely used in various fields such as purification and sanitary areas, industrial sites, public building facilities, commercial places, stadiums, temporary construction, and civil facilities.


  1. Excellent ventilation performance

  The air is discharged through its own gaps or evenly distributed small holes in the entire pipe wall; that is, it penetrates along the pipe wall, and the air is uniformly discharged; the three-dimensional air is oriented and positioned along the designed small holes, and the overall air supply is uniform and air supply. Precise range and great comfort.

  2. Various folding appearance styles

  A variety of colors can be matched with the environment, and a variety of shapes can be integrated with the building. The overall style is simple and generous, high-end and practical.

  3. Folding anti-condensation

  Through this pipe wall fiber infiltrating cold air, a cold air layer is formed outside the pipe wall, and there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pipe wall, which completely solves the problem of condensation in the air pipe.

  4. Foldable and easy to clean, healthy and hygienic

  The disassembly and assembly of the air distribution duct system is simple and convenient, and the duct can be cleaned at any time to ensure the air quality in the system and improve the health and environmental protection level.

  5. Folding quiet noise reduction

  The material of the air duct is soft, the wind speed is low during operation, it will not generate and transmit resonance, it is quiet and no noise, and the environmental quality is improved.


  6. Lightweight when folded

  The air distribution duct is made of special fibers and is extremely light in weight, about 1/40 of the traditional metal air duct, especially suitable for new construction or renovation projects where the roof has no load-bearing capacity.

  7. Short folding time

  The special supporting wire rope and slide rail suspension system is used, which is simple and fast, and the installation time is only 1/10 or less of the traditional system, which greatly shortens the construction period and does not have any material loss on the project site.

  8. Reliable folding quality

  The flame retardant properties, physical properties and safety properties of the air duct have all been tested and certified by the national testing agency, and advanced laser production line processing and system simulation monitoring platform are adopted. , The quality is reliable and the quality is guaranteed.

  9. Folding environmental protection and energy saving

  Using environmentally friendly synthetic fibers, manufacturing, installation, and use are environmentally friendly, easy to disassemble, store, and transport, and can be recycled and reused. Its unique air supply method enables the system to save energy from the source.

  10. Foldable and economical

  The overall design of the air distribution duct system is simpler and more suitable than the traditional air supply system. It not only integrates air ducts, air valves, diffusers, and thermal insulation materials, but also can be used repeatedly, saving you 70%.

  Application field of bag air duct


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